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Privacy Notice

Xchange Benefits LLC® (“XB”) and its subsidiary companies respect the confidentiality of medical information and will protect that information in a responsible manner. We have a comprehensive privacy program in place that limits access to personal medical information to only those persons who need to know said information in order to provide the products and services managed by XB. These products and services are inclusive of, but not limited to, medical stop loss underwriting and reimbursement adjudication, Affinity-sold health products, and Travel insurance. The persons who have access to medical information are trained and monitored on the appropriate safeguarding of this sensitive material. Confidential medical information may include information that is individually identifiable health information which may be provided by a third-party administrator, health care provider, a health plan, a utilization review vendor, or a consultant appointed by an employer group. Usually, this information is assigned a unique identifier as part of a safeguarding process. XB limits the collection of confidential medical information to that which is necessary, to manage, service, and administer in-force and prospective business opportunities.


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